HerbAdvisors was founded in 2015 by a former musician, turned TV weatherman, turned corporate video producer, turned “f–k the rat race” entrepreneur who left the megalopolis and moved to Bend, Oregon where the HerbAdvisors headquarters now reside.

HerbAdvisors has one goal: To educate the community about their emerging cannabis options using the reviews of actual users. “User reviews” are the number one core concept of the entire philosophy.

We have gone to great lengths to find personable staff reviewers, however, their thoughts are simply designed to be springboards for the community to be inspired by and ultimately give their own reviews in the comments section to help everyone make informed decisions.

The second core concept of HerbAdvisors is anonymity. We want to give working professionals who are uncomfortable with the “stoner” stigma a chance to research their options without their faces being plastered everywhere for their office mates to see and talk about over the water cooler on Monday morning. To that end, customizable usernames and the ability to upload your own avatar are fundamental options that are available. That way you can be social, while maintaining your anonymity, should you choose to do so.

The third and final core value at HerbAdvisors is video. Until recently the visual learner who learns more effectively through watching than reading has been underrepresented. HerbAdvisors not only provides video reviews, but SHORT videos that are informative yet entertaining so that you can get what you are looking for and get on with your day.

We’re glad you’ve chosen to give HerbAdvisors a look. We hope what you are seeing will encourage you to become the most important part of us: a member of our community. Once you get settled in, check out some videos and then give us some of your thoughts. Become an HerbAdvisor on HerbAdvisors.com!