Blue Venom Marijuana Strain Review

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Blue Venom Marijuana Strain Review

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? (and what that means)

Blue Venom is a HYBRID strain which means it’s a blend of a Sativa and Indica. Sativas tend to be more inspiring and uplifting, while Indicas tend to be more “stony” and relaxing. But it’s an “indica dominant” hybrid, so it definitely is sleepy and stony.


The average THC levels in Blue Venom are around 16%-23% and CBD: .15%-.23%.

Aroma and Taste

Blue Venom has a very pleasing aroma and taste. A little skunky, a little bit of berry and some sweet overtones. The flavor is just as amazing. Very pleasing to the tongue.

What Makes It Popular

Blue Venom is relaxing. It’s one to pull at the end of the day. You probably want to be near your couch and have nachos nearby. This is a “I’m done for the day and I need to shut the world out” strain. Best for staying at home as this one may make you a bit too sleepy to function out in the daylight.

Medical Benefits

Blue Venom is good for insomnia and depression. Try it right before bed but beware, if you don’t fall asleep right away, you may get a late breaking mental push that may keep you awake for a bit, but it also may help you resolve whatever issue is keeping you awake.


If you’re looking to feel relaxed, stony and “chill” than Blue Venom is a great choice. It also ranks high for people who love the lighter, more bright aromas and flavors.

If you’ve tried Blue Venom, tell us what you thought about it. It’s through real user reviews that we can grow our community knowledge base.