Chocolate Dawg

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Chocolate Dawg Cannabis Strain Review

It’s Scojo67 here with a review of Chocolate Dawg from Top Shelf Medicine from my beautiful home of Bend, Oregon.

It’s a blend of Chocolope and Chem Dawg. Chocolope is a Sativa and you can feel it. It feels kind of like mellow caffeine. It will wake you right up and put you to work on your laptop. Chem Dawg has some Indica and it’s just enough. Personally I pair this with another Bend local, Black Butte Porter and write copy all evening long.

It’d be worth trying for migraines, if you’re feeling meloncholy, and if you need I would consider this a day time strain.

Try some Chocolate Dawg and then leave a review of it in the comment section below and become an Herb Advisor on