Chocolope Cannabis Marijuana Strain Review

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Chocolope Marijuana Strain Review

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? (and what that means)
Chocolope is a SATIVA strain which means it tends to be less stony, and more inspiring and uplifting. It is a good strain to use when you need to remain productive and functional.


The average THC levels in Chocolope are around 12%-18%. CBD (.01%-.02%)

Aroma and Taste

Chocolope is pretty much the way you’d expect it. Earthy, chocolatey, coffee notes in both the nose and pallet. Very unusual, yet pleasing terpenes in this strain.

What Makes It Popular
The two things that really set Chocolope apart are the way it smells/tastes and the wonderful punch of inspiration and productivity that comes along with it.

Medical Benefits

Medically patients say Chocolope is a good strain for pain, depression and stress. Also worth trying for migraines.


If you’re looking to feel inspired, productive, and yet a little dreamy, Chocolate is a great way to go.