Hey Marijuana Men and Women of Weed!

Hey Marijuana Men and Women of Weed!

Welcome to a website that was planted deeply into my brain over a year and half ago and has taken over every waking thought ever since. When I was 17, near the end of high school, I tried “marijuana” for the first time . . . nothing. I tried marijuana for a second time . . . nothing. I tried marijuana for the third time and WHAM, I’d never heard Morris Day squawk like that before, and cold leftover chicken never tasted so good.

Marijuana, which is more rightfully called “cannabis” (see next blog entry) has been on our planet for millennium, yet in the modern era, our education and understanding of it has been nearly erased because of antiquated beliefs.

But with the 2016 elections, we now live in a country where 20% of our population has said “yes” to legal marijuana and more than 50% of our states have approved it for medical use.

The tipping point has been achieved and now is the time for us to educate ourselves about the emerging trends in cannabis and cannabis lifestyle. Edibles, beverages, candies, and choices we never imagined 10 years ago are now emerging.

But take the edible market as a warning about what we are faced with. While nobody has ever died from cannabis, virtually everyone has at one time felt anxiety or paranoia from it, when we did the weed equivalent of drinking a pint of Everclear.

I hope you will enjoy looking through our website. It was truly made with a passion for cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana, mary jane… whatever you want to call it. Use the spirit of the plant to help find the spirit of you.