Homegrown – Top Tips for Beginners feat. Ron Goldman of Skord

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“Top Tips for Beginners” feat. Ron Goldman of Skord

Have you ever been look for a little herb, but everyone seems to be dry? Do you have a backyard or an unfinished basement your significant other will let you gut? Well, with the changing laws in the United Staes, you may just consider growing your own marijuana! But growing your own cannabis is not as easy as you may think. That’s why we’ve assembled some experts to help you get the most for your weed dollar.

Tips For Beginning Growers
In the first episode of “Homegrown”. Soil? Hydroponics? Indoors? Outdoors? There are so many questions when it comes to growing your own marijuana. In this chapter we talk to cannabis growing expert Ron Goldman of Skord about what tips he’d give to beginning growers.