Marijuana is not marijuana

Marijuana is not marijuana

Did you realize that if you smoke marijuana you may be racist? Okay, well not really. Am I prone to exaggeration sometimes? Yes, ask my girlfriends.

What I’m getting at is that marijuana was a term that was originally coined to strike fear in a nation who was going through hard times, and looking for scapegoats. The original name for marijuana, was cannabis.

But to a government who was just coming out of alcohol prohibition and looking for another chemical evil, the decision was made to call it “marijuana” to invoke images of evil Hispanics and Blacks who were in pursuit of white women. It worked.

Now I have been a third party voter my entire life, so don’t take this as a political metaphor. This is simply what happened. This is why we are fighting to legalize a plant that hurts no one, kills no one, and can save wounded veterans from self extermination.

The marijuana industry is hoping to transition to using the term “cannabis”, and I support the idea. If you look around the industry, women play strong roles, minorities are welcome and cannabis is often associated with those who choose personal freedom as a priority. We know it’s not the evil scourge that we were raised to believe in, and we’re done hanging out in the shadows.

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I will close with a completely unrelated quote. Because I’m weird that way.

“I’m the king of rock, there is none higher / Sucker MC’s should call me sire / To burn my kingdom, you must use fire / I won’t stop rockin’ till I retire…”

Who said it?