SFV OG Marijuana Strain Review

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SFV OG Marijuana Strain Review

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? (and what that means)

San Fernando Valley OG or “SFV OG” is a HYBRID strain which means it’s a blend of a Sativa and Indica. Sativas tend to be more inspiring and uplifting, while Indicas tend to be more “stony” and relaxing. However, it’s a sativa dominant hybrid, so you’ll get more of the uplifting benefits.


The average THC levels in SFV OG are around 19%-25% and CBD averages .1%-.4%.

Aroma and Taste

SFV OG has a very pleasing aroma and taste. It has a pungent, citrusy aroma with added notes of earthy on the flavor side.

What Makes It Popular

SFV OG is popular because while it’s a sativa dominant hybrid, it’s gotta pretty good taste of stony and deep in it as well. So while it’s usable for day use, it’s probably best to use it when you don’t need 100% of your faculties.

Medical Benefits

Medically patients say SFV OG is good for pain and stress. Some users say it’s actually good for insomnia, but others say the opposite. So “results may vary”.


SFV OG is good for sativa lovers who want to add a little stoniness to their experience, or indica lovers who want to add a bit of an uplifting vibe to their high. It’s taste and aroma also rank very high with our staff. If you’ve tried SFV OG, tell us what you thought about it. It’s through real user reviews that we can grow our community knowledge base.