Strain Review: Blueberry

Strain Review: Blueberry

If you’re ever in need of a smile, Blueberry will provide. A euphoric indica, Blueberry allows you to focus and relax at the same time as it stimulates creativity. Be prepared to sit back and watch the ideas float by effortlessly. This is a perfect strain for relaxed evenings, allowing you to chill and unwind as you sort through the thoughts you’ve collected throughout the day.

Medium-green with brown hairs, the buds are dense and lightly coated in crystals. Blueberry has a big odor compared to many other strains; it’s fruity and bitter just like its namesake, and the taste is very similar, with an added citrus flavor.

I recently purchased some Blueberry at Green Head Cannabis in Vancouver, Washington. It was grown by Dawg Star, and tested at 19.4 percent THC and 0.1 percent CBD. The packaging from this company is extremely pleasing. Dawg Star buds come in a really nice glass pop-top jar when you buy an eighth or more – great for storage, but that Blueberry may not sit on the shelf very long.

Lending a giggly sort of sleepy feeling, Blueberry gives you a calm, collected focus you can easily channel toward activities such as playing music or video games. Personally, as a musician, this is one of my favorite strains for writing music. It allows me to think of ideas and patterns I wouldn’t come up with otherwise. Blueberry helps me stay in the moment and make the most of my time.

Blueberry is an excellent strain for the relief of stress, fatigue, and pain. I noticed that it helped relieve the pressure around my eyes I sometimes feel due to stress. This also helps me with my guitar playing, because sometimes the eye pressure makes it difficult for me to see what I’m doing. The vibe is overall positive and uplifted, which makes it perfect after a hard day at work. It’s hard to name any cons for this serenity-inducing strain.