Meet the Terpenes: Linalool

Lavender and Lavender – one is a fragrant smelling herb, and the other is a cannabis strain with an amazing scent, but they have a lot in common because of one terpene in particular: Linalool. It provides a light floral odor with some spicy overtones, and helps both plants contribute to feelings of calm and relaxation.

Roughly half of the herbal lavender’s essential oil is linalool. Not surprisingly, it is also the terpene that the Lavender cannabis strain has in highest concentration. There are a few other plants whose oil is high in linalool: Ho leaf – 95 percent; rosewood – 80-85 percent; freesia – 80 percent; and basil and coriander – 50 percent. But linaloe wood, which linalool derives its name from, contains only 30 percent .