Gretchen – Writer / Blogger

Gretchen is an OMMP cardholder with a BA in Chemistry from California State University Fresno (CSUF) and an MS in chemistry from Oregon State University (OSU). She received funding for her graduate degree research in protein analysis from the National Institutes of Health. As an analytical chemist, she has worked for a medical research lab, an ORELAP certified environmental lab, and a lab at Hewlett Packard. Gretchen has also taught and tutored chemistry at CSUF, University of Oregon, OSU and Lane Community College. She currently teaches writing and is the scientific writer for GDPot, a medical marijuana think tank. In her spare time, Gretchen enjoys visiting Oregon’s waterfalls and hot springs; writing non-fiction books on cannabis and novels about witches, vampires and body snatchers; and watching shows where someone dies in the first five minutes. She lives in Eugene, OR with her partner, his daughter and a lovely selection of cannabis plants which outnumber the humans by 8 to 1.

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