Jamie – Blogger

I have lived along the west coast my whole life. Even though cannabis was always around I eventually tried it at age 21 do to curiosity. Propelled by the history and science of this plant you’ll find me in the middle. I have seen such diversity in what this species offers. I feel there is so much to be learned about this plant and ourselves from it. Watching people recover and able to live normal lives again was a turning point in my thinking. Reading about asteroids falling from space with THC compounds or that multiple species have Cannabinoid receptors like we do. I stand before it asking what it can’t do. I support Cannabis education, cultivation and medication as a human right. Medicine, food, fuel and building materials that can be grown through out our backyards or farm lands. I think this plant has survived us and nature to play a twisted fate of karma. I feel this plant will save us (planet included), if we allow it and utilize it.

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