UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

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UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? (and what that means)
UK Cheese is a HYBRID strain which means it’s a blend of a Sativa and Indica. Sativas tend to be more inspiring and uplifting, while Indicas tend to be more “stony” and relaxing.

The average THC levels in UK cheese are around 16%-19% and CBD .05%-.15%.

Aroma and Taste
UK Cheese has a pungent, cheesy aroma with earthy, minty elements added on the flavor.

What Makes It Popular
UK Cheese bring it’s own characteristics to the “Cheese” family. It has a sativa (uplifting) type of feel, but with some very relaxing overtones. It’s a very manageable strain, but also something you can enjoy while sitting on your couch with a donut.

Medical Benefits
Medically patients say UK Cheese is good for pain, stress, and though not normal for a sativa feeling strain, I’d give it a crack and insomnia and see what you think.

If you’re looking for a strain that is well balanced, smells and tastes nice and really captures the benefits of a hybrid, then UK Cheese is worth trying. If you’ve tried UK Cheese, tell us what you thought about it. It’s through real user reviews that we can grow our community knowledge base.

Scojo67 for and today we head across the pond for some UK Cheese.

Get on a plane, fly to the UK and grab a piece of cheese. Take a smell and now you’re getting started. UK Cheese has a Skunky, spicey, fruity aroma

With a bit of a Minty piney after taste. Great marks for taste and aroma

It’s a hybrid so you do get the best of both worlds. It leans toward the sativa like feel, but also is very relaxing.

Medically it’s good for pain, stress and you may give it a crack at insomnia.